Marti Myers-Garver, Fearless Volunteer

This is the nomination for Marti to be considered for Volunteeer of the Year in 2011. The pictures were taken in the Combat Zone



Marti Myers-Garver, Fearless Volunteer

Traveling Half Way Around the Earth to Serve in Combat Zones!

When every other tax professional is busily preparing for the tax season and greeting their first customers in February, Marti spends two days traveling 8,000 miles into combat zones in southeast Asia to teach soldiers how to prepare tax returns the VITA way. Sponsored by IRS, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites prepare more than 1 million tax returns per year for low-income and military taxpayers.

I am so honored to nominate Marti Myers-Garver as Volunteer of the Year for her fearless dedication to our troops. Since 1987 and without interruption, she has been volunteering to teach others how to prepare taxes. Her first trip abroad to teach soldiers was in 1992 during the Gulf War.

She has taught troops in Air Force and Navy combat zones in the Middle East. Her most recent assignments have been in the State of Qatar and the Kingdom of Bahrain just a few short weeks before the uprising in Egypt and Bahrain. The sites Marti photographed would soon be destroyed by those bravely fighting for freedom, something we all take for granted here in our country.

This was destroyed 2 weeks after Marti was there in 2011.

Becoming an Enrolled Agent in 1986, she became President of the NvSEA in 1989 when there were only 6 active members. Today she is again serving NvSEA as Vice President. (2011)

Last November when TIGTA cancelled their speaking engagement to pursue an arrest, Marti was called upon to teach a 2-hour Ethics class with only 10 minutes notice. Being fearless as we all know her to be, she took on the challenge and wowed the audience with an interactive discussion of ethical dilemmas tax professionals face and the necessary due diligence required.

In 1991 Marti wrote an article for the EA Journal that became a moving force causing Senator John Glenn to testify before Congress of the tax inequities of military officers serving in combat zones. Having been no change since the Vietnam War, soldiers serving in combat zones had no withholding taxes deducted from their pay. However in reality, officers pay was limited to a maximum $500 exclusion. Marti, concerned with the taxes that officers would owe when filing their tax returns, worked tirelessly to bring this to the attention of the nation with the help of NAEA!

To show you her energy and dedication, in January, 1996 she taught VITA 4 weeks at 4 different military installations. She taught at Cannon AFB in Clovis, NM for one week. Moving on she taught at Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, NM for another week. She taught Navy personnel in the middle of White Sands National Monument in New Mexico before driving to Las Vegas to teach one week at Nellis AFB. She continued this January schedule for 4 years.

Marti Myers-Garver exemplifies dedication and service. Growing up in the military, she has never lost sight of the honor due our soldiers.